Oct 302011

History on Film examines the accuracy of movies that deal with historical periods, as well as organizes movies into historical eras and provides background information on individual eras. I have a Master’s degree in history from Concordia University, which combined with a lifelong love of movies drives me to do this site.

All material researched and written by Andrew Allen.

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  • Joe snapp

    I saw the film “Fortress” on Netflix streaming recently and was wondering whether it’s on your list of future film reviews. As you probably know, it’s a story of a B-17 bomber group based in North Africa. Reviewers on the Netflix site fault it for a variety of errors. Overuse of the F -word and lots of drinking of home-brewed alcohol dominate the ground action. The production people wrote a somewhat sarcastic (and very funny) commentary for the closing credits, commentary which by itself is “worth the price of admission.” Thanks again for your great site. I’ve written this e-mail not so much to urge you to review it, but just to watch it and maybe enjoy it. It’s far, far from perfect (like Redtails), but probably worth your time.

    • HoF

      Thanks for the kind words about the site, I appreciate feedback. I will watch Fortress and most likely review it, but I have a lot of other movies on the list first.