Sep 132012

The death of a major character during the season two finale shocked many viewers but it also ended the internal struggle for control of Atlantic City that had occupied the series, thus freeing up space for new characters. The producers now have more opportunities to explore the situation in Chicago and New York City, which is where the real action took place during Prohibition.

The third season has jumped forward roughly sixteen months to 1923, which was an eventful period, since the Torrio-Capone syndicate shifted much of its operations to Cicero, Illinois in late 1923 after a reformist mayor started enforcing the law in Chicago. Given Prohibition agent Nelson Van Alden’s abrupt relocation to Cicero at the end of the previous season, it seems likely that the battle for Cicero will be a key part of season three.

While the first two seasons had a satisfactory amount of violence, the body count had remained relatively low because the market during the first couple of years of Prohibition was large enough to provide profits for all of the bootleggers. Negotiation had resolved most issues but when supply decreased, younger, brasher gangsters wanted to expand their market share, and did not care how many people they killed, so it looks like the violence level will be cranked up this season.