Apr 112013

The tag line of season three of The Borgias is “give in to sin”. Judging by the trailer, the sin is incest, which puts the series where Game of Thrones was in its first episode.

The previous season had ended in a cliffhanger as Cardinal della Rovere’s plotting against the pope had finally achieved results, although given the involvement of a key character, it seems unlikely that death will result. While the machinations between the papacy and the city-states for control of Italy will undoubtedly continue, hopefully this season will deal with the controversial Papal Bulls, which gave the Spanish king authority to enslave the inhabitants of the New World, what we now call Latin America and the Caribbean, if they refused to convert to Christianity.

Admittedly, last season was an improvement over the first season, especially the scenes with Machiavelli and the religious zealot Savonarola, so my hopes for the third season are relatively high. Anyway, season three is starting next week.