May 162013
Gangster Squad

Rating: ★½☆☆☆
Gangster Squad’s presentation of Mickey Cohen as a vicious gangster who rules over the city of Los Angeles until a small band of brave policemen end his reign of terror has nothing to do with reality. Extremely inaccurate, the movie is a deliberate falsification of the situation. Worse, it is not entertaining. Filled with exciting car chases in the desert and exciting shootouts in a hotel, the movie should be exciting but the action scenes are bland and formulaic, so it is cartoonish like 1980’s G.I. Joe cartoonish, but not as good. It will take quite some time to list just the major inaccuracies in this film, so you might want to go to the bathroom first. Read More…

Jan 102013
Gangster Squad Trailer

Director Ruben Fleischer’s previous film, Zombieland (2009) was good, silly fun. Gangster Squad looks like it will be the same, only with better production values, and as a period piece. The movie is based on a series of articles, later expanded into a book with the same title, by Paul Lieberman, about the efforts of a squad of police officers to rid Los Angeles of gangsters from the East Coast, during the late 1940s and 1950s. While the potential for a gripping look at the toll the lifestyle takes on both the police and the gangsters exists, the director and writer decided to simply add shootouts. Judging by the trailer, a lot of shootouts. Read More…