Jan 242013
Spartacus: War of the Damned

Spartacus: War of the Damned will be the third and final season of Spartacus. Judging by the trailer, character development will take a back seat to hacking and slashing with periodic pauses for sweaty sex by candlelight. The producers face an interesting challenge. Viewers know that the revolt was eventually broken, and Spartacus and all of his followers will die, so the question is who will die first. All of the potential personality conflicts that could have brought more nuance to the story have been resolved, usually through the violent death of one or both of the people involved. While there will probably be disagreements among the rebel leadership over the most effective tactics, they will be preoccupied with survival. Fortunately, the Romans can undoubtedly be relied upon to scheme against each other.
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Feb 252011
Rome vs The Tudors

Whenever I mention that I have a web site that reviews historical movies, the conversation inevitably turns to the recent crop of historical series put out by HBO, Showtime and AMC. After debating whether Band of Brothers is grimmer than The Pacific, the odds are that the next topic will be why The Tudors is not as good as Rome. My fervent defence of The Tudors usually produces an expression of disbelief, so clearly there is a need to set the matter straight. Rome is the more entertaining series but The Tudors is by far the more important series. Read More…