May 232013
One Minute to Zero

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
One Minute To Zero is a jingoistic film on the Korean War that shows powerful America nobly defending little South Korea, which is incapable of fighting for itself. Aside from the obligatory and entertaining romance, it attracted much attention during its initial release for the inclusion of graphic combat footage instead of regular special effects. When North Korea suddenly invades South Korea, an American military adviser must first help evacuate all American civilians, and then block the enemy’s supply route to relieve pressure on the defenders at Pusan. The film transforms the South Koreans into helpless victims, papers over Syngman Rhee’s dictatorial excesses, skips over the thousands of friendly fire deaths caused by aerial bombing, and ignores both the embarrassing routs of American units and the general chaos. Read More…

Mar 062008
Robert Mitchum

It may sound cliché but Robert Mitchum (August 6, 1917-July 1, 1997) was the original bad boy, who even served two months in jail for possession of marijuana. The Story of GI Joe (1945) made him a star but he rarely played establishment heroes. Instead, his career was dominated by roles in dark Westerns and darker detective stories. Despite a well-earned reputation as one of Hollywood’s greatest carousers, he was a consummate professional, who unfortunately rarely challenged himself and described his acting range as with or without horse. Read More…