Apr 212012
Sam Fuller

A crime reporter for a New York City tabloid while still a high school student, Sam Fuller became a pulp writer, moved to Hollywood to write screenplays, served in WWII and became a director after the war. Although studio movies like Fixed Bayonets (1951) and House of Bamboo (1955) did well, Fuller became an independent. His emphasis on shock value and harsh realism attracted attention, but not large audiences, therefore his career had declined by the 1960s, but he did manage to make his dream project, The Big Red One (1980), based on his own experiences during WWII. Read More…

Jun 082010
I Shot Jesse James

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
I Shot Jesse James (1949) is a noirish take on the fate of Bob Ford after he kills his best friend to win a pardon and marry his girlfriend. Focused more on showing that it was impossible for Ford to live with the guilt, historical accuracy fades in and out of the film. Read More…