Mar 072013

Emperor examines the American occupation of Japan following the end of WWII, where General Douglas MacArthur oversaw the re-engineering of Japanese society. A controversial general, MacArthur was equally famous for his gargantuan ego and his military victories. While his military record is debatable, the five years that he spent as American viceroy in Japan produced the greatest achievement in MacArthur’s life. Since the American government was preoccupied with post-war Europe and the Soviet threat, MacArthur was left alone as he quite literally transformed Japan’s society, politics and economy. Rarely has one individual had so much power over a former enemy, but it appears that the movie will focus on the debate over whether or not to try Emperor Hirohito as a war criminal. Read More…

Feb 212013

Rating: ★★★★☆
Balancing the conflicting needs of the radical and conservative factions of the Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln struggles to convince enough Democrats to vote for the Thirteenth Amendment, which will abolish slavery. The war is almost over, so Lincoln must deal with Confederate negotiators, who hope to win peace and keep slavery, aware that the North is weary of war. Determined to see that the Thirteenth Amendment passes, Lincoln insists that all means short of the exchange of money be employed to persuade Democrats to vote for the amendment. The film is a stunning recreation of the real Lincoln’s world. While this is not the definitive movie about the long road to freedom for blacks in the United States, it is the definitive movie about Abraham Lincoln.
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